Beautiful Finishes

The Hollingsworth Cabinetry finish shop is a key component of our business.  It provides us beautiful paint and stain finishes on our cabinetry, and allows us to add custom elements and details to cabinetry made by one of our manufacturers, giving you that “custom” look.

Our hand-applied stains may be applied on maple, cherry, or any wood you choose for your cabinetry.  We mix our own stains and so have the ability to match any color.  Our beautiful stain finishes enhance the grain of the wood, and are durable and easy to clean.

Our painted finishes are available in any color of your choice.  Generally our material of choice for painted cabinetry is maple, due to its consistent grain pattern and the hardness of the wood.  A solid painted finish can be in a color, from white to cream, that gives your kitchen a timeless, elegant look which can be complimentary to other elements like the countertops and tile, and not be the focal point.  A painted finish could also be in a color intended to make a statement, and we have the ability to finish in any color you choose.

Our brushed glaze finishes are hand-applied over paints and stains.  The multi-step process adds depth while highlighting the details of the door style and moldings.  Being hand-applied each individual piece is slightly different, while the appeal is in the natural and harmonious effect created by the overall look of the cabinetry.

Antique Distressing is a finish process created by painting the cabinetry in a color of your choice, then lightly sanding through the paint on the corners of doors, drawer fronts and molding profiles, creating a very subtle worn appearance.  We then hand-apply a light stain to darken the exposed maple wood, and then apply protective topcoats of finish.  This type of finishing can be used in an entire kitchen or on just a single area like an island or hutch, creating that furniture like feel, while still being designed as an integral and functioning part of the overall kitchen.

We provide samples of our finishes for your approval.