Wetbars, Ent. Centers & Bookcases

So many home designs today incorporate a place to have a wetbar or drybar.  These functional areas can mirror the cabinetry in the kitchen, or can be totally on their own, with unique cabinetry and finish, backsplash and countertop.

The first cabinets we ever built were Entertainment Centers and Bookcases.  Shown here are examples of pieces we’ve done which are functional as well as decorative.  Whether it’s a very traditional look, or one which picks up on the design and finish of adjacent furniture, these cabinets are functional first, incorporating the usefulness our customers need.

Entertainment Centers and Bookcases start with figuring out the desired function and how they should look, then our drawings help our customers refine them to be exactly what they want.  These can be made from any material, maple and cherry are the most popular woods today, as well as well as being a painted finish.  All of these pieces are designed, built and finished in our shop.

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